Vimeo and Its Inspiration Vortex

While there are a handful of video sites/platforms to both learn and get inspired, Vimeo is really the only one that bases its whole web experience on design. There are countless channels to follow: Motion Graphics, Independent FilmsVideo ShortsTypography/Kinetic TypeDocumentary FilmsAnimation, Slow Motion/Timelapse and 3D Motion Design or this 3D Channel to name a few. Staff pics is also an amazing channel to follow for mind blowing videos posted daily.

Yes you might binge watch Netflix for a great show, but these Vimeo Channels have so many incredible videos you end up getting sucked into the design vortex that is Vimeo. To give you a taste of a few of these super cool approaches watch the videos below and subscribe to their channels for repeat inspiration.

BOX from SOUNDSRED on Vimeo.

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