Abstract: The Art of Design

 Abstract is the newest docu-series on Netflix. Each episode focuses on a different genre and features a specific creative influencer of design (similar to how Chef’s Table worked). Everything from Nike shoe designs and car designers to the most influential of graphic designers and photographers are covered.

Overall, the show is pretty good. It hits on all the usual notes of a Netflix documentary; show a struggle and some emotion and then show the awesome outcome. This lets the viewer experience a specific project by walking them through the challenges and process of a creative lifestyle/career.

One thing I really appreciated about this show was the effort and time they put into telling a story and making you feel a part of the designers life and journey. They also give each episode its own opening sequence which primes you for all the design goodies you’re about to consume.

As with other Netflix shows, the first three episodes seem to be the gold, silver and bronze of the whole series while the others are more of the aluminum and copper quality. Nonetheless, the show is definitely worth a watch; either for those who just want to have an idea of what goes into the world around them or for those who actually work and thrive on creative inspiration.

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