8 Brands Totally Killing it on Instagram

Having a successful Instagram is no easy feat. Most companies outsource the hard work to media/marketing companies to make sure it’s done right.

If you want some creative inspiration from branding execution to photo taking and color grading guides follow companies and people where their business may depends on their social media success.

Great company instagrams needs to do more than just sell or post product photos, they need to tell a story, maintain brand consistency, and develop something of value or interest to their viewer. Here is a list of some great brands to give your Insta-support to:


Frank Body. I have never used their products, nor have I seen them in stores, but their Instagram is worth following purely for the genius behind the copy. This is one of the few Instagram accounts I know where the brand is personified and has a strong voice within the branding itself. Laugh or at least smile at the witty copywriting of the Instagramer at Frank Body.


You don’t have to like their products to like their instagram. They seem to create buckets of posts at once where they all follow a mini-campaign. My one complaint from a brand perspective is that they are not the most consistent, but at least they bust ass to get content out there!

Top Shop

If you are looking for an Instgram that is unique and stays very true to their brand identity and visuals then Top Shop is where it’s at. Yes, it is a weird fashion brand and so it is to be expected that there Instagram is also a bit out there, but all the more power to em.


Alright, this might be where you roll your eyes, but seriously I love their Instagram. Although, it may be partially because it lets me feel like I work at the Googleplex, but mainly it’s because they give you a taste of what is new at Google from projects and initiatives to things that were influenced by Google.

Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D has been owning the beauty industry and her brand (yes people can be brands too) for a few years now. They sell only in Sephora and have found that sweet spot in giving the customer what they want and how they want it. Get ready for a weird but enticing Instagram that has more to it than just makeup.

Brit & Co. 

Okay, this one I may be a bit biased about. Brit & Co. is a blog targeted at women between 25-40. They do online crafting classes and write about food, travel, tech, and other girly stuff–their Instagram does all that and then some. Also, they do an amazing job on their daily Instagram Stories.

Target Style

If there was an award for Brand that put the most work into Instagram posts then I would nominate Target Style. Target has a couple Instagram accounts but this one is targeted at women specifically with clothing, makeup and home decor features. It appears that most of their images are shot in a studio and are scrutinized to the finest detail. Note the little goldfish in this post:

Alfred Tea Room

Alfred Tea Room is a tea place in L.A. I have never been there before but after seeing their beautiful Instagram I want to. Their posts are always perfectly tempered for their brand design and feel.

Matchy matcha. #alfredtea #melroseplace #teayesyoumaybe

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