Movie Review: The Girl with All the Gifts

I like to imagine that most people (or at least the cool ones) get as hyped up as I do over end of the world and dystopian movies. Zombies, disease/plague or just some sort of gory disaster that makes our current reality feel even remotely fragile are just what we need to escape the daily grind. And while I do love those types of movies, most of them fall short in either design, filming or script. Except for this movie! The Girl with All the Gifts not only covered the bases but it actually left me with a sense of excitement when it was over. I wanted to high five everyone who was a part of making it.

“And then like Pandora, opening the great big box of the world and not being afraid, not even caring whether what’s inside is good or bad. Because it’s both. Everything is always both. But you have to open it to find that out.”

Without saying too much, I would describe the film as a glimpse into the world after an outbreak where children seem to be the last hope for humanity…

Overall, I think it kicks ass on all levels. The scenes are likely low budget but you wouldn’t notice because everything seems to fit. The filming makes you feel like you are in the movie. Script: overall this was the best thing for me-–Yes specific lines aren’t the best, but the plot overall is unexpected and beautifully directed and executed. It may be one of my favorite new zombie movies purely for its uniqueness and tact. Not only does it end in an slightly unexpected way (unlike 99% of zombie movies) it also gives a touch of inspiration and craft that are often missing in these types of movies–and I love that about it.

**But note DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER!  It’s one of those trailers that absolutely ruins the ENTIRE damn story. Just watch the movie instead!**

IMDb: 6.7/10              

Rotten Tomatoes: 84%                          

Dani Review: 8.5/10

The movie was based on the book by Mike Carey and you can buy it here:

The Girl with All the Gifts

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Once you watch the movie check out this Featurette:

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