4 Bike Tech Accessories for Your Bike Baby

If you don’t have kids but you have a nice bike, then your bike is pretty much your baby. Adorning it with the right gear and protection will not only save you the worry of kidnapping (bike theft), but will also make your bike the coolest on the block. Check out these new tech devices to see if they fit your biking needs.

SmartHalo, $180

What Does It Do: SmartHalo is a screenless, rainbow-lit circular navigation device that permanently attaches to your handlebars.

Yay or Nay: This is definitely a big Nay. Here’s why”

  • Need: This product is directed for a niche market. So, unless you are a bike courier or you bike to work and your work magically moves locations daily, I see no need for this device.
  • Price: While it is pretty and they seem to have put a lot of work into it, I see no advantage over using my Google Maps and my bluetooth earphones than to dish out $200.
  • Theft: You might as well have strobe lights on your bike saying “steal me!” This bulky and pretty ad on is more likely to get your bike stolen than anything else.

Check out the Video

LINKA, $129

What Does It Do: Linka is both a smart lock and a GPS tracker in case of theft.

Yay or Nay:  Yay. Here’s why:

  • Need: This is not a one trick pony. It unlocks only with your cell phone (or a code if your phone dies), notifies you if someone touches your bike, and lets you track it if it is stolen.
  • Price: While $129 can be a lot of money, it certainly is less than the cost of buying a new bike. This also saves you money by not needing a heavy/expensive bike lock.

Sherlock, $163 on Kickstarter (so probably more when released)

What Does It Do: Sherlock is a GPS tracker for your bike that can be activated if stolen. It hides within one handlebar and can only be removed with a special key.

Yay or Nay:  Nay.

  • Price: This is a true one trick pony. Unlike the Linka that both tracks and locks, this device only does tracking. Therefore $200 just for that is a waste. This is a nice product and I think in time (perhaps 10 years) all bikes will carry some sort of tracker to prevent theft, but for today I think that this simple product is 3x the price it should be for it to take off in the markets. If they can one day get their production low enough to about $50 then everyone will have one of these–until this is a nope.

Check out the video

Monkey Light, $58 on Amazon

What Does It Do: So this is the adult version of handlebar tassles, except its animated bike wheel light. No, it doesn’t make you go faster or protect your bike from theft but it is awesome.

Yay or Nay:  Yay.

  • Cool Factor: If you ever ride at night or right in Critical Mass once a month then this is a definite smart purchase. It may be a bit pricey for lights, but your bike baby will appreciate it.
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