5 Uber Useful Assets for Designers

Creative careers can require an exhausting amount of time and energy to produce great work in a short period. Sometimes time and energy are in low reserves and every resource of help aids in bringing your work towards a speedy completion. So for those who need a design and time boost here are 5 great resources to make your design process flow seamlessly.

1. Envato

Envato is the main host for 6 different and totally awesome sites curated as a graphic designer’s dream, both as a source for income and a source for quick project fixes. They host 7 sites for 7 different categories: website themes (Theme Forrest), graphic design (Graphic River), coding (Code Canyon), video clips (Videohive), Audio files (Audio Jungle), photos (Photo Dune), and 3D Files (3D Ocean).  My go-to favorite is Graphic River simply because it has everything for my design needs but all of them are incredibly useful.

2. The Noun Project

The Noun Project is my go-to for vectors. You can search their whole database and designers for everything from animal vectors to communication vectors. You can purchase rights for commercial use or download for free for personal use with attribution.

3. Fiverr

If you need to outsource work for a project then Fiverr is the place to go. Get bids and estimates on everything from design work to audio recordings. I used this site and found an amazing voice artist to record a radio spot I wrote–He charged per word and did an amazing, high quality job.

4. Coolors and Adobe Colors

Trying to figure out the perfect color combo? Then these two sites are the best for narrowing it down and getting inspiration.

Coolors is a great color randomizer and Adobe Colors (originally called Kuler, but bought out by Adobe) is a great way to connect and save to palettes to your adobe programs and online.

5. Graphic Burger

Now Graphic Burger is nothing unique, there are many sites just like it that offer free graphic files for use and comping, it just happens to be the one I gravitate towards when I don’t want/need to pay for the nicer files on Graphic River (mentioned above).

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