Music Inspiration Vol. 1

Video and music, separate or together, are powerful tools for creativity because they seem to wash your brain a bit and direct it towards whatever world the artist creates. But for the sake of music I just wanted to share the audio files not the music videos. Although I would encourage you to check out the YouTube versions of these songs to get that aspect as well. I think that experiencing a song for just its acoustic quality allows you to create your own story without someone else’s visuals getting in the way of your own imagination.

The Skins – “Bury Me”

What: Pop-Rock/Hip-Hop

Who: Five Brooklyn based 17-24 year olds with a feel a bit like Lykee Li with a lot more swagger, soul and depth.


Leon Power – “Blind”

What: Downtempo/R&B

Who: London born singer, producer and writer. His influences are Frank Ocean and Matthew Young.

Dillistone & LILI N – “Rude”

What: Electro Pop/ Future

Who: Dillistone is a Danish born producer and singer who considers himself a “lovechild of Copenhagen, Shanghai and London.” LILI N is a singer from Rome and is currently in Boston.

NoMBe VS Sonny Alven – “California Girls”

What: IDM/Soul

Who: Sonny Alven is a Norwegian producer and DJ. NoMBe is a German born artist and producer.

Sampha – “Blood On Me”

What: Electronic/Soul

Who: Singer-songwriter from South London. Music has the emotional energy of Tv on the Radio.


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