5 Epic Educational YouTube Channels to Subscribe to Right Now

Like many people, when I ‘discovered’ YouTube I locked myself away for several days absorbing the vast depths of home videos, product reviews and cats playing pianos. Now, almost a decade later I feel like most people see YouTube as just that; a relic of the past, something cool but not necessarily relevant. Sadly, I was once one of those people until one day when trying to understand how on earth a thing called PewDiePie makes millions of dollars making videos of him playing video games (which I still don’t quite grasp the appeal). Either way, I realized that I was YouTubing all wrong.

This is a platform, a powerhouse to both influence the world and get famous by recording yourself talking to yourself, probably about yourself. (Insert witty laugh). For me this isn’t a means of potential stardom, but a means to absorb perspectives, experiences and to momentarily live in the imagination of a stranger. So, without further adieu I present my top 5 Epic Educational YouTube Channels to Subscribe to Right Now:


If you only follow one of theses channels follow Vox. They create delicate and powerful litte videos daily from every topic from How a trip to mars could kill you to cultural topics like how on earth Donald Trump became the American president. No matter your preference on material, there is something here for you.

2. Kurzgesagt

Alright I’m not gonna lie…I have NO CLUE how to pronounce this one, but it has by far the most beautiful and awesome illustrations/animations on any educational channel that I’ve ever seen. And if that statement alone doesn’t excite you to see their work then just move on to number three!

3. MinutePhysics

Ok, get ready to actually feel smarter faster! MinutePhysics creates 1-5 minute videos that are perfect to make you at least seem smarter at dinner parties. Let’s say you are at a lavish soiree in rainy London and the question, “Does walking or running actually get you more wet?” comes up, well you’ve got the answer! Plus you can throw in geeky words like parallelepiped, and that certainly doesn’t hurt. So, if that degree in astro or nuclear physics didn’t work out then perhaps these videos can fill a bit of the void.

4. SmarterEveryDay

Alrighty, get ready to realize just how little you know. As far as digging deep to find great topics that the average person (me!) may or maynot be aware of, this channel totally kills it. For example, you may know something about oxygen deprivation (or at least that it exists at high altitudes), the video attached shows the actual terrifying effects of hypoxia (cue my new flying fear).

5. VSauce

Host Michael Stevens walks you through what you think might be a simple topic, but you will often find yourself saying “Wow!” outloud over and over at the sheer coolness and utter geekiness of science (wait…what?). Thankfully, these videos aren’t 100% lecture, but they are filled with simple and helpful illustrations to help visualize things like the space time continuum and the ebb and how the earth flows through space (hint: it’s not linear or circular).

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