Book Review: A Darker Shade of Magic


A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

Rating: 8.5/10

Nothing quite hits the spot like a well written Fantasy/Science Fiction novel, especially one with magic and multiple dimensions. I devoured this book in more or less a day and I was hungry for more. Luckily, I recently learned that this book is actually a part of the Shades of Magic trilogy, so once I get my hands on the other two I will write a review on all three together.

Schwab takes you deep within the dark and beautiful folds of four separate London’s: Red, White, Black and Grey. As you travel between them you quickly learn that each one maintains its own distinct demeanour and magical charm.

“I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still.”

The characters and scenes are all beautifully detailed, yet you might find yourself missing a sense of time and pause. Each moment and scene seem to flow together almost too abruptly; nonetheless you will enjoy every second of this book.

Cover Artist: Will Staehle (Check out his work here: Will Staehle

Excerpt from NetGallery: Darker Shade of Magic Chapter 1

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